Yet another custom lorem ipsum generator, this time using quotes from the TV show Friends. Well, it was originally just Friends, but then Scrubs and Rick & Morty got added. Use it as a filler in your websites if you want. Or not, it's up to you. You can find the code on GitHub here



So the API's super simple. There's no JSON objects or anything like that to deal with. You just go to /api.php?{tv_show} where {tv_show} is one of the following:

So something like this would work: /api.php?friends. This is CURLable too: curl

Multiple Variables

The API doesn't yet take multiple arguments. If you supply more than one, it'll just take the last one in the URL string. For example, if you supplied /api.php?friends?scrubs?rick_and_morty the API would return Rick and Morty quotes.